Identification of a Pirate Attack
on the Open Sea

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Date: 24-25 May 2022

Location: Eleysina, Greece

The aim of the Pilot Use Case here is to demonstrate the platform’s response in a Piracy Attack scenario in open/high seas.

The attack prevention scenario involves both CERBERUS and F1T UAVs – the latter constitutes a tether-powered UAV that allows uninterrupted flight operations and thus constant surveillance of the area around the ship 24/7. Both vehicles are equipped with high-end IR camera sensors (Flir Duo Pro R, Dragoneye2 by NextVision) providing thermal imaging feedback to the operator.

The demonstrated use case consists of two phases which are distinguished by the UAV type that is employed – F1T or CERBERUS UAV. During the first phase, the tethered UAV hovers above the moving vessel, while it performs distant surveillance of the area around it. The output of the camera sensor is sent by ethernet to the control room where the object detection takes place.

As for the second subtask, CERBERUS UAV approaches for closer inspection the boat that constitutes potential threat, while performing activity recognition using AI-based algorithms, that are executed at the edge by exploiting the GPU capabilities of the UAV’s on-board processor. In case of suspicious activity, a screenshot of the captured boat along with relevant information (e.g., boat’s position) are sent to the control room for taking further actions.

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