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Date: 6-7 October 2022

Location: Cyprus

Within the frames of CALLISTO project, CERBERUS UAV is assigned to the task of collecting visual, spatial, and temporal information that will be used to complement or even enhance the Earth Observation data received by satellite constellations.

The demonstration for the Pilot Use Case 1 was held in several cultivated fields in Cyprus. During each mission, CERBERUS UAV follows a sequence of way-points derived from a path planning algorithm provided by CERTH while capturing the ground surface below using a MicaSence RedEdge-MX multispectral camera. A single capture consists of 5 images, one for each of the 5 different bands (Blue, Green, Red, Near-InfraRed, Red-Edge). The collected data are post-processed by NOA for extracting certain vegetation indices that will be useful for CAPO.

CERTH: Centre for Research and Technology Hellas
NOA: National Observatory of Athens
CAPO: Cyprus Agricultural Payments Organization

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